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How to work with Chocolate?



Hardcover, dimensions 14 cm x 19 cm, 144 pages. full color with step-by-step photography.
Dutch version (ISBN: 978-90-78715-00-9) and French version (ISBN: 978-90-78715-17-7) available.

16,00 €


Chocolate is one of the rare pleasures that brings generations and cultures together.
What is often ignored is the complexity of this product and the fact that it still has a remarkably impressive artistic, gastronomic and creative potential in store.
Stefaan Aerts and Francis D’Hoore of Belcolade have shared their precious know-how for “How to work with Chocolate?”.

Top chef Peter Coucquyt, and Guido Francque, passionate and inspired gourmet, introduce
a totally new approach. Chocolate, which was usually left to grace the end of the meal, is now officially introduced to the real world of gastronomy through the concept of food pairing. The challenging combination of wine and chocolate is also elaborated in a masterly way in this volume

“How to work with Chocolate?” both seeks to provide concrete answers and stimulate the creativity of our next generation of young chefs. Thanks to the practical and personalised approach, this book will undoubtedly find its way to bakers, pastry bakers, chocolate specialists, restaurant owners and gourmets.

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